Effective Ways to Control Bad Odor in the Workplace

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Have you often noticed unpleasant smells emanating from somewhere in your workplace? Well, you are not alone! One of the many problems that are often experienced in the office is bad odor. It can be quite unbearable especially when the temperature rises. Controlling bad odor in the workplace is important as it can drive away…


The Interesting Secrets of Air Fresheners

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Did you know? After a few minutes, humans no longer actively recognize a smell – no matter how pungent or putrid it is. Evolutionarily speaking, being impervious to smells is what helps you become aware of new changes in your surroundings, alerting you to potentially dangerous situations. The Secret of Air Freshener Leaving and returning…


5 Grimiest Areas in Office That Must be Kept Clean

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You may be astonished to know that your office has many filthy and unhealthy areas. Making sure that these areas are regularly cleaned and sanitized is important, as it will prevent germs, bacteria and allergens from accumulating and spreading illnesses. To make sure that the task is properly and efficiently performed, it is best for…


Get the Best Quality Janitorial Supplies Orange County CA

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No matter what type of business you own, you take great pride in keeping it clean and presentable for you clients. To accomplish that, you need the highest quality, most reliable janitorial supplies in Orange County, CA. Janitorial Supplies Orange County CA: Who We Are: We are Mobile Janitorial. Our company has been in business…


Happy Cooking! 8 Easy Tips to Clean Kitchen Appliances

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Because maintaining a clean home is a difficult and time-consuming task, it is helpful to have some tips available to make keeping your home tidy and to maintain a healthy environment. The kitchen is typically one of the most difficult areas to clean. Below are some easy-to-follow pointers to keep your kitchen appliances clean and…


Benchmarking Your Janitorial Management: An Outlook

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Becoming a leader in the field of janitorial services takes dedication and great pride in one’s work. Many factors must be included when developing a company within this field. Because you will be working directly with the public, your efforts will continually be monitored. The depth and details of your work will be based on…


5 Green Cleaning Recipes for a Fresh Home

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Using environmentally conscious cleaning products is a much better alternative for your home especially with your family or pets around. In fact, when you think green, you can make some cleaning supplies right in your own home. Here are 5 green cleaning recipes to get you started for a fresh home: 1. All-Purpose Cleaner This…


Simple Steps to Make Your Home Chemical Free

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Cleaning chemicals have become an alarmingly large part of the modern day household. If you are concerned about what these chemicals could be doing to you and your loved ones, there are some steps you can take to remove chemicals from your home. Check these simple steps you can take to make your home chemical…


Why Is pH Important for Your Cleaning Products

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The terms ‘acidic’ and ‘alkaline’ are used to describe the properties of chemicals that have been dissolved in water. Acidic substances include vinegar and battery acid while ammonia and caustic soda are alkaline. pH (potential of hydrogen) value is a way to measure just how acidic or alkaline a chemical is. You can think of…


Mom’s Day: 3 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, finding gift ideas that are both pocket and eco-friendly can be difficult. Ideas that offer Mom some pamper time are always a nice touch. After all, it’s a special day to celebrate with her. Both online and on-foot searches for perfect gifts can often leave one feeling frustrated and wondering…

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