The Complete Cleaning Checklist You Need For Winter

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Out of all the seasons, winter is the time that most people spend the most amount of time indoors. It’s not only colder outside, but we find a sense of comfort and coziness in our homes during these cold months. If you’re like most people, you probably also tend to have a lot of get-togethers…


8 Amazingly Simple Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

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Cleaning the house isn’t something that anybody really looks forward to, but unfortunately it’s something most of us need to do from time to time. While it can be a time consuming chore, there are things you can do to make the process a bit easier. Use these 8 amazingly simple cleaning hacks to dramatically…


Fight the Flu: How You Can Prevent It from Spreading

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With the summer season ending and the weather starting to cool down, many people begin to worry about their health and the flu season. It’s that time of the year when most people have to take days off from work and visit the doctor because of flu symptoms. However, you can avoid flu this year.…


The Complete Cleaning Checklist For Your Office

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Cleaning your office might seem like a daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to start or you start to feel overwhelmed before you even touch the first thing that needs cleaning. Thankfully there are janitorial supply checklists, like the ones below, to keep your sanity intact while still giving you an achievable task.…


5 Tricks to Save on Household Cleaning Supplies

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Keeping up a household can be a difficult and expensive task. Thankfully, there are ways you can go about sprucing up your home without spending hundreds of dollars on cleaning supplies. Remove Dirt and Grime with Dish Soap Dish soap can be used for other things besides dishes such as cleaning tiles, some wood floors,…


4 Smart Ways Your Mat Can Keep the Dirt Away

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When it comes to keeping your building clean, one of the most important things is using the right mats to help keep your entrances from becoming muddy and germ-ridden areas. This is especially important if you have carpet or delicate flooring like tile or stone, as they could become easy to slip on if dirt…


6 Vital Utility Products That Make Your Life Better

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There are plenty of great utility products available in the market today. These products are designed to make your life as easy as possible. Your life can be so much better with these items as they make it easier for you to do different chores at home and at work as well. Here are 6…


Top 8 Mistakes Pros Make While Stripping Floors

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You hate stripping floors and leave it to be best handled by cleaning professionals. But, even skilled professionals make mistakes. Being aware of these mistakes can put you in a better position to make sure your floor is squeaky clean during the next cleanup. What’s More to Floor Stripping? Floor stripping is a process that…


Effective Ways to Control Bad Odor in the Workplace

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Have you often noticed unpleasant smells emanating from somewhere in your workplace? Well, you are not alone! One of the many problems that are often experienced in the office is bad odor. It can be quite unbearable especially when the temperature rises. Controlling bad odor in the workplace is important as it can drive away…


The Interesting Secrets of Air Fresheners

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Did you know? After a few minutes, humans no longer actively recognize a smell – no matter how pungent or putrid it is. Evolutionarily speaking, being impervious to smells is what helps you become aware of new changes in your surroundings, alerting you to potentially dangerous situations. The Secret of Air Freshener Leaving and returning…

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